Phonon is a new audio brand from Japan, formed by Isao Kumano, a highly respected sound and mastering engineer, along with his partner in the music production team Tokyo Black Star, New York-based DJ Alex Prat aka Alex from Tokyo, and producer/audio technician Yusuke Uchiyama (no milk). The trio have spent years researching sound delivery and have now invented a revolutionary audio device dubbed the “phd”. The slender device vibrates in harmony with sound waves coming from your speakers, simultaneously transmitting ultrasound waves, resulting in a more “precise and detailed sound scope”. There are now 3 phd lines, the most high-end Black Star model, the Standard and the PA line. Next year will see the release of Phonon’s first commercial monitor headphones, the SMB-02, which will feature the innovative phd technology.


Designed in Stockholm, the NS800 comes with 4 sets of silicone rubber ear tips, a shirt clip, and a neat case. Available in 2 colors: black or white, both with stainless steel canalphone housings. Unique to NS800 are the presence of two micro armature speakers per earphone, one a high-range tweeter and the other a lower-frequency woofer. The size, pricing, and design put NS800 directly into competition with Ultimate Ears’ UE700s and JAYS’ q-JAYS, similarly small dual-driver earphones which are really pushing the category forwards in sound quality for the price and size (149 €).
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Santa claus just made it for the Jay-Z fans, The Hits Collection Vol. 1 Collector’s Edition Box has just hitten DEF JAM online store! The pack is a double-disc edition of the album and a hardcover 100-pages photo book, stored in a linen-covered numbered presentation box, plus a pair of white Roc Nation Aviator Headphones with Jay’s autograph laser-etched into the driver housing to complete the set. Available exclusively from Jay-Z’s online store for USDollos 200.
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The new MIX MASTER MIKE pro model by SKULLCANDY is out today !
SKULLCANDY’s website is displaying a great flash demo with the master himself presenting the various technical features of his headphones together with a set of nice close up shots! Well done !

The arty skateboarding brand Krooked just released a pair of headphones. They only come in one color: yellow, but their style do carry the signature of the master: Mark Gonzales! Gonzales is one of the most creative skateboarders of all time, bridging aclaimed artistic work and a skateboarder career. For the tech records, those headphones also come with a built in iPhone or Blackberry microphone.
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We teased you about it, in the first days of November…the Marshall headphones and earphones are now available!
The minor earphones are already sold out, which is strange but that what the official website says!

Philips has teamed up with iconic californian surf brand O’Neill to produce these great headphones.The Stretch headphones proposes a robust cable that’s been designed to prevent tangles, along with dynamic 40mm drivers. Good. But the plastic used in the design of The Stretch headphones is of particular note. It’s called TR55LX and according to Philips it has around six times the surface hardness of polycarbonate and will keep its cool, so to speak, at temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius, as these babies are originally made for O’neill fans, which includes frost bitten snowboarders. You could fall 5 times on your head failing that, long ago out of fashion, inverted trick, and the Stretch would not care…your body may!
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To prevent “surfers’ear” which is both what is found under the dreadlocks and the other name for ear exostoses, Sorky is bringing out a new type of ear plugs made specifically for surfers.This hi-tech plug is equiped with a membrane that lets you hear the sounds of the outside world whilst your ear drums are protected from coldness agressions! despite being intially made for surfers, this would suit swimmers, windsurfers, kitesurfers and generally any one exposed to water below 20°C who would like to avoid getting both of their ears drilled!
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The heavy sound of Marshall has been carried over the world for nearly 50 years. Breathless roadies and roaring trucks have worked hard to make Marshall heard all across the globe. Now, time has come for you to carry this magnificent burden of rock ‘n’ roll all by yourself. Marshall has teamed up with Zounds Industries (Ubanears, WESC…) to bring you those amazing amplifiers lookalike headphones! Those are called THE MAJOR, and another model called THE MINOR should follow…

This is The Plattan Plus, the ”made for iPhone” certified edition of the Plattan. Just like all other Urbanears models, it has a microphone and remote, but as an additional feature, the Plattan Plus also features volume control buttons. The Plattan Plus is a full size headphone which allows for rich secluded sound. It also features a fabric cord, adjustable headband, and the exclusive “zound-plug” which allows a friend to plug in and enjoy the user’s music.
The Plattan Plus will be available in 4 colors – Red, White, Aubergine and Dark Grey – from November on…
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Straight from Salt lake city, SIEGE AUDIO is hitting Europe with a tight collection of headphones and earphones, made for the active lifestyle of snowboarders, skateboarders, DJ’s and…gamers? No, not gamers couch surfing cannot figure in the list of extreme sports. SIEGE has a very compact team of pro skateboarders in which feature vet skateboarding stars like Guy Mariano or Kris Markovich, world acclaimed snowboarders like Jeremy Jones or Jon Kooley (above with the Division headphones). It does not tell you much about the headphones technical quality, but with athletes like those backing their products there is no doubt SIEGE is bringing out a great mix of style and sound.
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Marc by Marc Jacobs is introducing its “Tech Collection” at the end of October 2010. The line includes headphones which are proposed in various colors and come in a nicely designed packaging. They can be found exclusively at Harvey Nichols in London, and nowhere else…

Sony just launched the top shelves MDR-EX1000 headphones! Those luxurious EX-monitor earphones are priced at 800 $ (they are not available in europe yet, but should be…). The high price is explained by the technologic superiority of those headphones which are coming with ultra large drivers of 16mm (newly developed by Sony) for superb sound reproduction. These large drivers are also vertically aligned for improved sound accuracy. The Sony MDR-EX1000 EX-Monitor earphones produce an impressive frequency range of 3-30,000Hz and come with 10 different sizes of silicon earbuds for better fit. The best earphones money can buy ? could be…
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If you’re a musician, a music lover, going to gigs, playing an instrument, wearing headphones everyday…
Then you should be aware that you need to protect your hearing capacities. They are your more important asset…
if you really love music! Now, if after watching that video you think tinnitus can be cured using suppository…then go ahead…full on volume!